Activities & Schedule

A detailed schedule of the week and social activities will be posted soon…

Call for IYNC Managers

The call for future IYNC managers is now open!

IYNC is looking forward to supporting and welcoming the next generation of leaders in the nuclear industry. For IYNC2020, people from all over the world will gather together with the shared purpose of creating and participating in the best possible congress. If you would like to get more involved in IYNC, strengthen the technical level of the congress and belong to an international high-level working group, feel free to respond to this open call.

For more than 20 years, the spirit of IYNC has been kept alive thanks to the managers dedication and enthusiasm about nuclear technology. Today, you can be part of the future by answering this call. Are you ready to take this step forward?

You can apply to WorkshopsPanel Sessions, and Technical Tracks.

Technical Tracks

We are currently seeking technical track managers to join our team. As a member of the Technical Tracks Team, you will be part of the group of experts that assesses the quality of the participant submissions on a specific theme through a peer review process. During the congress, you will manage and lead the different Technical Tracks. 


If you know an interesting concept or topic that can be presented in an interactive game-like way, do not hesitate to propose it. Workshops are intended to enhance networking and interaction among participants, and for some topics this can be the best format. As a member of the workshops team, you will develop your idea and likely conduct it during the congress.

Panel Sessions

If you have an innovative idea of panel and would like to facilitate a debate between experts on a specific field do not hesitate to propose a Panel Session. We invite you to share your ideas of topics, experts and even different and interactive panel formats with us. As a member of the Panels team, you will develop your idea and likely conduct it during the congress.