Panel Sessions

We invite you to share with us your ideas for Panel sessions! Which topics, experts and formats should we include in the IYNC 2020 Panel sessions? If you want to participate in this activity you will need a panel title, concept, list of potential speakers, short description of the possible format and how it would work.

Panel sessions are approximately two hours long and feature 3 to 4 experts on a specific topic, or, depending on the format proposed, on multidisciplinary subjects.

Need some inspiration? These are some potential topics:

  • Uranium Mining: mine exploration, supply and demand, economical and environmental issues
  • Nuclear Health and other applications: radioisotopes, new technologies for health applications, regulation, agriculture and so on.
  • Communication with the public: create a bridge between the public and the industry, terms to avoid
  • Diversity in the Workforce: gender, age and nationality diversity, UN recommendations
  • Innovations & challenges in Nuclear: new reactors, new nuclear fuels, accident tolerant fuel
  • Challenges related to Nuclear Fuel Close Cycle: sustainable way to the close fuel cycle
  • New young leaders of the nuclear industry: tackle the begins of career, YG contribution to nuclear industry cause

Have a look at these potential formats and other suggestions:

We encourage submissions on all topic areas and formats, even those not listed here – we are interested in highlighting unique and emerging issues in the nuclear sector. If your submission is accepted, you could be invited to serve as the manager of your panel. You will be responsible for reaching out to experts in your topic area to invite them to participate, with support from the Panel Co-Chairs.

The call for panel sessions has now closed.

If you have any questions, comments or you want to further discuss IYNC2020 panel sessions, please contact the IYNC2020 Panel Session Managers Alice Cunha da Silva or Andrea Quaini.