Plenaries & Keynote Sessions

IYNC2020’s keynote and plenary sessions will include leading nuclear experts from around the world. The theme of the conference, “Diversity in Nuclear” will shine in the conference’s keynote session, on which the different aspects and recent technologies in the nuclear industry will be debated.  

Additionally, IYNC2020 will host three different Plenary sessions that address different types of diversity in the nuclear field: 

Nuclear for Power, In this session, the recent advances and applications of Nuclear Energy will be the main topic. 
Plenary Manager: Ahmed Saeed Ali Al Shehhi 

Nuclear for Sustainability, In this session, the role for of Nuclear Industry as a sustainable element of the mix, stressing its impact on sustainability will be highlighted. 
Plenary Manager: Laura McManniman

Nuclear for Life, In this session nuclear industry becomes a critical actor on recent advances of Medicine, Agriculture and the environment. 
Plenary Manager: Everlyne Achieng

Keynote and Plenary chairs:

 Fidelma Di Lemma,

Tm Rownes,